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Legacy of a Mad Scientist

Dr. Fox holds the world in his hands, but can’t communicate with his daughter. When he’s killed by corrupt government rivals, his children face a future alone and hunted by the most ruthless contractors in Angel City. Ashley must protect her younger brother and their father’s legacy – a neural computer interface called The Micronix – while evading the weight and wrath of the ravenous Republic.

Three hundred years into the future, man has mastered gravity and cities float among the clouds, but chains of greed and violence still shackle mankind.
At fifteen years old, Dr. Andrew Fox invented a healing gel that revolutionized medicine. As an adult, he drives the leading edge of scientific discovery, inspiring fear and jealousy among his peers.
Realizing the true nature of the powers arrayed against him, Fox focused the bulk of his energies into the design and cultivation of his children. Ashley; the lethal protector of her younger brother. Geoffrey, perfectly suited intellect to connect and interact with the artificial intelligence calling itself The Micronix.
When Fox stumbles upon the secrets of spontaneous combustion and subsequently refuses to share them; The Republic charges him with treason and issues warrants against the family, sending Ashley and Geoff on the run, alone and scared. Ash, however, doesn’t stay frighted long; realizing quite clearly that those who would hunt and kill children – don’t deserve to live.


The Legend of Ashley Fox

Ashley and Geoff fight to survive on District 13, the Angel City Orphanage and Juvenile Detention Center; run by teen gangs and governed by a pack of serial killers, preying on the otherwise helpless children.

Ashley is now 15, and her parents have returned from the dead – only to be killed again, on her birthday!  Ashley and Geoff are sent to a hell-hole of an orphanage, where they must fight to survive. Gangs rule the district with terror and violence, but Ashley kneels for no one.